New Syllabus Primary Mathematics For Sixth Grade / Grade 6 / Primary 6 (2nd Edition) Package

To learn more about a product, please scroll down this page or click on its name, where applicable. Excellent quality and service. I have always received my orders before the due time and I am very pleased with the products. For Science classes, students learn about Biology, Chemistry and Physics as diverging branches of Science. Let's try Your child will master problem-solving skills in these exercises. Sample lessons require Adobe Flash Player. Parents no longer need to worry about losing grade data.

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I have always received my orders before the due time and I am very pleased with the products. As a homeschooling family we needed a reasonably priced maths series that the children could work through independently. The Primary Mathematics series definitely gives your brain a workout.

I have taken my year six Australian child back to year 4 level in this series, just to let her adjust to the rigour and not blow her confidence, and she is finding it very user friendly. Easy for her to follow the book, with colour pictures, scaffolded questions and prompts to estimate the answer first.

I was pleased with the service I received from SGBox. I ordered several books and they arrived at my doorstep five days earlier than anticipated. The packaging was such that my books were in pristine condition. Thank you so much! Items came a lot quicker than I have expected. It's a pleasure doing business with sgbox.

Our books came in great condition. The texts are informative. We will most definitely order from sgbox again. I liked your service very much. The books reached me in perfect condition albeit, a couple of days late.

That is all right for international shipment. Our kids prefer this to any material we have found in the US. Simple and easy shopping experience. Excellent service, professional and advanced books, as usual, Thank you soo much! This is the second time I am ordering from this company, and they delivered the books very quickly I was reluctand initially since the company was based half globe away I am happy to receive my order in a good condition.

My son loves the math books, they are easy to understand with great explanations of the concepts. Very smooth transactions with no problems. This is a great service. Very detailed and structured. Good working examples and workbooks give lots of practice.

Thank you for the service and for the follow-up. I didn't expect to receive the books so soon. Received the order very quickly, very happy with the purchase. Thanks a lot Z Li. You guys are awesome. You help me help my little boy in his studies. You provide a great service. This package includes all of the following: Written in English Suitable for: Your child will learn new maths concepts through concrete activities. The maths concepts learnt are then represented in pictorial form.

Your child is finally presented with a number of maths questions that require abstract thinking. Special features Each chapter in these Singapore Maths textbooks contains: Your child will be presented with relevant and thought-provoking questions with regard to real life situations at the start of each chapter, so that he may appreciate maths in his daily life.

Let's learn Your child will learn new concepts in a straight-forward and interesting way. Scroll down to purchase. The Math 6 3. The academic content is the same as always and includes over hours of multimedia instruction!

However, each course is now delivered online as a month subscription per student. This obviously means no more discs and, importantly, no more need for expensive disc replacements. It also means physical books have been replaced by eBooks with the cost savings passed along to you. It works on ALL desktops and laptops, and it will even work on tablets and smartphones via the free Puffin browser.

Parents are allowed 3 months' pause time on each subscription to allow for things such as extended holidays, vacations, illnesses, etc. With or without using the pause feature, students can easily finish the course within this month period simply by doing 1 lesson per day, but if extra time is needed we can make allowances.

Parents no longer need to worry about losing grade data.