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Dealers are not the most skeptical group, often believing all the usual gambling myths. The reason is that most high rollers who know nothing of card counting are suspicious of the CSM and they insist that blackjack should be played the old fashion way or they will take their business elsewhere. Play blackjack online and win real money at my favorite casino. The book also contains advice on which blackjack games give you the most profit potential, the risks involved in playing blackjack, how to play without fear of getting barred, and money management discipline. As long as any method of shuffling is done enough times the deck should be properly randomized.

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I want to learn how to count, but I am not sure I want to put forth the effort if all casinos will have automatic shufflers. It sounds like what you had was continuous shufflers CSM , where every hand or two has the cards recycled. There's no real effect on the house advantage. It's kind of like dealing with a freshly-shuffled deck, every hand. However, the speed of play is usually quicker, so you probably lose faster. Biggest bummers of CSMs is that you can't count counts against them.

Contrast with an automatic shuffler ASM , where the game is dealt out of the usual 6 or 8 decks shoe, but there is also a device that shuffles the next shoe while you're playing the first one through. These also speed up the pace of the game substantially. EasyRhino , Jan 5, Thanks for gettting back to me. You are right it was a continous shuffler.

As I know the most common continous shuffler in the world is the One2six from Shuffle Master. In the past, the cards were either shuffled manually by the dealer, or they were placed in an automatic shuffling machine.

In the latter case, each table had two sets of six-deck cards. While one set of the just-used six-decks of cards was being shuffled off-line, the dealer would continue dealing the cards from the other set of six decks. With this automatic shuffler, about 70 percent or so of the cards would be put into play before the all the cards would be reshuffled these devices are also known as batch shufflers.

In the case of the manual shuffle and the automatic batch shuffler, there is no effect on the players' chances of winning or losing. But nowadays, a new type of shuffler has made its way on to blackjack tables everywhere, and it definitely is not player friendly. This new devise is called the continuous shuffling machine CSM. So what's the deal with the CSM? The purpose of the CSM is to randomly shuffle the discards after each round with the rest of the 4 or 5 decks.

After the dealer finishes dealing a round, instead of putting the discards into a traditional discard tray, she puts them into the CSM, where a microprocessor randomly places the cards into the stack of decks using an elevator system. So every hand you play with a CSM is like playing the first hand from freshly shuffled decks of cards. In other words, the odds are always fixed in a blackjack game dealt from a CSM. Why did casinos implement CSMs? It was basically to thwart card counters.

Normally, card counters track certain cards as they are played from a shoe in order to know if there is an abundance of low or high value cards left in the unplayed cards. If a card counter "counts" a lot more low cards like 2s through 6s rather than the high cards 10s, picture cards and Aces in say the first two decks dealt from a shoe, he knows the rest of the decks have more high cards compared to low cards.

This is when the edge shifts toward the counter and he, therefore, increases his bets. But with a CSM, the ratio of low to high value cards stays more or less constant from one round to the next, so card counting doesn't work.

Does the CSM change the house edge? It's not obvious, but it actually lowers the house edge very slightly, which is good for all players the reason is very technical but has to do with the use of a cut card in a standard game versus no cut card in a CSM game.

However, don't get too excited by the decrease in house edge because this is more than neutralized by the faster speed of the game. With a CSM, there is never any pause in the action, and, therefore, the dealer can deal about 20 percent more hands per hour. This increases the player's exposure to the house edge, which results in an increase in the theoretical hourly rate of loss for players.

In other words, you stand to lose more per hour with a CSM game compared to a game using a batch shuffler or a manually dealt card game. How do you know a table is using a CSM? The CSM looks like a big black box. At the bottom of the box is a slot where the dealer takes the cards and deals them to the players. At the top, is another slot where the dealer inserts the discards.

The easiest way to know if a CSM is being used is to see what the dealer does with the discards after a round. If she places them in a discard tray, that's OK; but if she places them back into the shuffler, that's a no-no. So be careful if you play blackjack and avoid these three casino changes, which are not very player friendly: If you do so, you will be one smart player. This has begun to change as standardized rules are now found in almost every gaming establishment in Macau.

The basic rules of Macau blackjack are as follows:. Six decks are used in the game. Player may split to up to four hands except for aces which may only be split once. Player may take early surrender, except when the dealer shows an ace worth 0.

Each blackjack game in Macau is dealt with an automatic shuffler. This month I recommend you visit my favorite casino — Click Here. An excellent choice to play blackjack for real money and they offer a great blackjack bonus. How Macau Changed Blackjack. By becoming the first locale to use the automatic, or continuous, shuffler throughout all of its casinos, Macau has changed the face of live blackjack.

No other development or rule change has ever had as much impact on blackjack as the automatic shuffler.

The automatic shuffler does just what its name implies. Instead of the cards being shuffled after multiple rounds of play, the cards are shuffled after each and every hand by a machine which guarantees a full mix of the deck.

Players are faced with a brand new deck at the beginning of each round of play. In some casinos a very few cards may be allowed to build up before being placed in the automatic shuffler. The number is never more than 52, an entire deck of cards. For years casinos used a single deck to deal blackjack. The double deck came next, followed by 4, 6, or even 8 decks in Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

These multiple deck games are still shuffled by hand in the United States and other areas, so why would Macau decide to use an automatic shuffler at its blackjack tables? Stopping Card Counters In Macau. There is one reason why Macau casinos have chosen to use an automatic shuffler in their casino games.

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