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You can find more information about a Casino Management degree below along with a look at schools that offer online degrees in Casino Management. South College responds quickly to information requests through this website. Here are a few options to consider: Associate Degree in Casino and Gaming Management There are very few accredited associate degree programs in gaming or casino management. Bachelors Degree in Casino Management: How many schools offer online Casino Management degrees? Management Bachelor's Degree Learn about bachelor's degree programs in general management and the kinds of classes and topics

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Most careers in casino management do not necessarily require bachelor's degrees. Nevertheless, several related professions to casino management do require 4-year degrees, including management positions in public relations, human resources, marketing and promotions. Casinos are often connected to restaurants, clubs and hotels, and some management positions at these locations also require bachelor's degrees.

Many of these related careers require academic training from different fields. However, individuals can minor in casino management to gain a better understanding of the gaming industry. Associate Degree Bachelor's Degree Who is this program for? People who want to know more about management careers in the gaming industry Hospitality professionals interested in starting a job in one of the casino management career fields, such as security, guest relations, marketing and support services Common Career Paths with approx.

Associate Degree in Casino and Gaming Management There are very few accredited associate degree programs in gaming or casino management. These programs prepare students for various casino management tasks, including game supervision, security, casino operations and customer service. You'd learn the rules of different gambling games as well as strategies for supervising guests and minimizing security risks.

You also receive training with gaming technology. Most programs are structured to include laboratory hours in pretend casino settings. In these fictional settings, you can practice running games and monitoring patrons. Several programs also offer the opportunity to intern at real casinos. As a graduate from these programs, you'd gain a better understanding of state and federal gambling regulations.

You'd also develop skills in cashiering, customer relations, surveillance and leadership. Most casino management degree programs include hospitality courses that cover topics related to professionalism, sales and leadership.

Human resources coursework discusses major issues in the hospitality and gaming industry, such as team building and staff management. Several programs also teach students about the rules for some of the most popular games, including blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and pai gow.

The majority of degree programs also require you to complete work training at a real casino. To fulfill work experience requirements, you may have to work hours, but typically you can work more hours if you choose.

After completing the allotted hours, most degree programs require you to write about your experiences. Since there are very few traditional casino management associate degree programs, there are even fewer online degree programs. Most online programs related to casino management are for certificates, not associate degrees.

There are also online continued education courses related to casino management, including classes in surveillance and table game operations. Some of these continued education online training courses are designed for professionals already working in the gaming industry, so you may be expected to know most industry standards.

One way to stand out to potential employers includes learning the rules to all the main casino games. According to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS , casinos will usually send dealers to gaming schools so that they can learn about each game. If you already possess that knowledge, along with an associate degree, casino employers may be more likely to hire you, since you'll require less training.

Another way to impress potential employers while still in the associate degree program can be getting as much customer service experience as possible. The BLS notes that careers in the hospitality and gaming industries involve a lot of interaction with customers, so workers need to know how to handle guests.

Although gaining experience in the hospitality industry would prove most useful, practically any customer service experience will suffice. Bachelor's Degree in Casino and Gaming Management The majority of bachelor's degree programs in this field are structured to include general business management classes along with courses that cover important issues in the casino and gaming management industries.

You'll gain skills for communicating with fellow employees, resolving customer issues and implementing casino policies. In most cases, casino management degree programs are connected to hospitality or tourism departments. Therefore, you may have to take courses that are not directly related to the gaming industry, such as classes in restaurant, resort and convention management.

Many of these industries are connected to the gaming industry, so cross-training in these areas may make you more marketable. Several programs may have you complete foundational courses related to business, such as marketing, accounting and business operations. You might also have to take classes in business management and leadership strategies. At the bachelor's degree level, more casino management coursework focuses on customer service, including topics about gaining customer loyalty, player development programs, customer market research and customer amenities.

Most bachelor's degree casino management programs require you to complete internships. Students who wish to enter the field of casino management can enroll in an associate's degree or undergraduate certificate program.

Schools located near casinos and tourist hot spots typically have casino management programs. Aspiring casino managers must first choose between a shorter, certificate program 6 months to a year and a degree program spanning years. Common coursework includes the ethical and legal issues of hospitality management, gaming, organizational behavior and management of revenue streams.

Undergraduate certificate programs in casino management include a short series of courses in the fundamental concepts of the field. Students may learn about gaming policy, financial accounting and asset protection.

Depending on the school, these programs typically take one year or less to complete. At some schools, it is possible to earn an associate's degree in gaming and casino management. These programs may include a wider range of courses related to hospitality and casino operations, as well as general education courses. At some schools, students are required to complete an internship in the field.

For full-time students, associate's degree programs can be completed in two years. Students interested in casino management can choose between certificate or degree programs. When choosing the right school, they should factor in their future career goals, the university's location, and whether the school offers internships and real-world experience. Career Options for a Degree in Hospitality Management. Students interested in studying casino management typically enroll in a hospitality and tourism or hotel and restaurant Research online casino management courses and bachelor's degree programs.

Find out what you can learn in these courses and what If you are interested in graduate study related to casino management, you may consider a master's degree in hospitality Learn about important considerations when selecting an online casino management school. Keep reading to get an overview of the The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Explore over 4, video courses. Find a degree that fits your goals.

Universities with Casino Management Programs These schools offer undergraduate programs related to casino management: Find schools that offer these popular programs. School Selection Criteria Students should keep these things in mind when choosing a casino management school: Prospective students who are considering certificate programs may want to find out if the credits can be applied to associate's degree programs in casino management or hospitality in the future. Students should look for schools located in high-traffic tourist areas, such as Florida or Nevada, as they may offer networking opportunities with hospitality industry professionals.

Because real-world experience enhances the resume and may lead to a full-time position upon graduation, students should consider programs that offer a built-in internship with local casinos. Aspiring casino managers with scheduling constraints or full-time work commitments may want to look for programs that allow for online study. Undergraduate Certificate Programs Undergraduate certificate programs in casino management include a short series of courses in the fundamental concepts of the field.

Associate's Degree Programs At some schools, it is possible to earn an associate's degree in gaming and casino management. What is your highest level of education? Show me all schools Near my home Online schools only I want to choose a state Enter zip: Hotel and Restaurant Management: Online Colleges for Casino Management: Online Spa Management Schools and Colleges: Salary Info, Job Description and Requirements.

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